A simple suspension

I have been using the same pendulum for a good while now because it works,  shows no sign of adverse wear, is hard to break and easy to get on and off the line. From time to time I use a Picavet as a weight saver and I get nervous about the pulley line wear, the knot working loose and the tangling that never seems far away when I decide to use it.

Maybe I’m just not looking after my Picavet but, despite the bulk, I’m a firm fan of the pendulum. After getting some weight off the rig by adopting micro servos I thought I’d have a go at a ‘micro’ pendulum too. The idea for this comes from a demonstration at KAPiNed by Christian Becot:

CB at work

The pieces for this have been on the bench for far too long so inspired by the successful printer cartridge gear ‘re-purposing’ I set to:

IMG_6971This is an old bike gear cable that I cut short and fed through a piece of 4mm diameter director tube salvaged from an old yagi TV antenna. The cable is a nice tight fit and I did the bends with it in situ. I was keen to avoid crimping the tube so the bends are not quite as sharp as Christian uses in his ‘Filalu’ rod design but close enough to keep the tube trapped by the flying line if it inverts. The cable nipple fits snugly at the top of the tube.

IMG_69733 turns of the flying line and the sky hook is fixed! The rig attachment is by putting a sharp bend in the cable and clamping it firmly with a wide base nyloc nut:

Clevis_01The braided steel wire should take a hefty load, the constraint being the grip of the nut.

A fairly brisk breeze meant the camera shot a fair amount of tilted horizon but the pan worked and clickPanPro did its magic. As is so often the case with autoKAP, a single shot makes it all worthwhile:

IMG_0188Wind speed was best described as ‘uncomfortable’: once again I’d managed to pick peak flow:

Windspeed 11032015The wire takes up more room than it should, I need to investigate a tighter fit at the pan plate (a plate is needed, a simple hook didn’t work at all well) but as a light weight it’s got pentetial at 300g

Filalu Ixus 7With much thanks to Christian Becot!


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