Fly & forget : the camera settings

The bitter screaming westerlies have abated and there’s a break in the cloud cover…time for KAP but on this day I had to work so at the risk of being a lunchtime dork in the park I took my kit with me, this had to be quick, discrete and well under the ATZ limit.  I didn’t want to lug sticks around  (this was a rush hour train commute) so I reckoned I could get something out of the Ivo van Olmen’s 2.7 wonder…and so it proved to be.

After a difficult start with CHDK USB control (the grief was all down to dodgy connectors in the end) I have been doing homework on the script Walter Wing has put together for KAP and his KAP-UAV LUA script looks promising. The script sets limits for the auto exposure so that the shutter speed and ISO can be kept high so reducing motion blur. So without further ado here are the fruits of a 10minute bash over Hackney Downs:

IMG_5687-2 IMG_5801

The Explorer might have the great advantage of packing small and generating some serious lift in 5-6mph wind speed but it’s low angle of flight needs a lot of space to work in, I was pinned by trees in no time at all despite picking the biggest down wind box I could find..


as ever the Explorer took some patience to get off the floor but, once it had found the clean flow, all was well.  The sun was masked by thin high level cloud making exposures a bit slower than I’d like  but I got a good handful of keepers.

The script settings ( I think I set the min ISO a bit low, I had a few blurred shots at ISO 60)

  • TV Min= 1/100th
  • Target TV= 1/200th
  • TV Max=1/2000th
  • AV Low= f 2.8
  • AV Target= f4.0
  • AV Max=f8.0
  • ISO Min=80
  • ISO Max1=800
  • ISO Max2=1250
  • ND filter?= N
  • Zoom =off
  • Focus@infinity=off
  • USB shot Control=One Shot

I like the idea of setting limits in the auto exposure and the pattern of shots captured showed the script kept up well with the clickPanpro sweep. The prospect of pegging the zoom is interesting too, the setting is in percent so I’ll have to try and figure out how that translates into focal length to see what 50mm equivalent looks like on the diminutive s95 sensor.

Everything packed into a 5kg shoulder bag, the heaviest item being the cavers harness & ratchet winch  I lug around in case things get hairy. I expect my fellow travellers were grateful for the lack of poky sticky stuff on the train!


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