Wear & tear : rig maintenance.

Shake down. After flying a copy of Tims rig for a few hours most of the snags have been found and fixed. Here is the design in its ‘final’ state:

Pan gear 9

Not much needed attention but the gear guide worked loose and needed another rivet. The pan gear is a source of worry, if it’s not looked after it will ‘unwind’ and jam horribly. This is not a catastrophic ‘bombs away!’ failure but best avoided. The 2  spanner lock nut operation is important. I used ‘nyloc‘ nuts to reduce the need for this but it is always  possible that things will work loose (particularly in transit) and need fixing:

Pan gear7

It is not difficult but it is tricky to get the counter tightening right in the tight space with barely enough room  for the 2 spanners to gain purchase. The lower nut is held whilst the upper is tightened against it.

Pan gear 8

Keeping it safe in transit. More harm comes to rigs on the ground than in the air, they are light, fragile things that have no protection from being stood on, squashed in a pannier or thumped in a luggage rack on the train.

Rig in a box

Keeping the rig protected is important: the pendulum mount post is a weak point (something you don’t have to worry about with a Picavet) that needs support and protection. The rig has to travel with spools of line, dog stakes and other nasty clunky things. An A4 rigid project box fitted with a board cut out to accept the pan gear with foam padding behind works well.

Test shots show the set up has potential and the little S95 is a good light wind option under the 9′ Levitation light:

IMG_4811 IMG_5003

what larks eh?


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