1978: science & the great kite craze

The beginnings of my kite flying are tangled up in the great craze of the mid ’70s. The Peter Powell stunter was the engine of the phenomenon. I didn’t give it much thought at the time but kites, largely due to the new materials, had made a transition from toy to research tool. I found this 1978 article which is a nice overview by Nick Laurie and thought I’d share:

p-1 p-2 p-3I like the reference to the permissive age I was lucky to be born into ‘Many adults have taken advantage of the more liberal present day attitudes to nuttiness’ as an explanation for the revival and I wonder if man lifting at a kite festival would be sanctioned today !

In 1978 ‘power’ kiting, snowkiting, kite surfing and buggying are all in the future but Keith Stewart’s channel crossing exploits show the way, Peter Powell changed it all by getting action into the sky with 2 lines and a blindingly good kite…and it’s back in production: http://www.peterpowellkites.co.uk/

I know what I want want for Christmas, I can hear the crackle already!


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