360 Servo pendulum mount. Part 3: the sky hook

The rig flew:

IMG_0007and I noticed a fair amount of swing on the camera, on this 1st flight I got a batch of blurred shots with the basic Auto setting- the default ISO being 200 which slowed the shutter too much. I flew a Didak Explorer 2.7 which was pulling very hard in a 14/15mph Southerly.

10102014I was unable to achieve slack line and despite the Explorer coping well the line felt jangly, so although the rig took the movements well the camera did not:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1/160th at f4 was not fast enough to cope with the movement…

For safe transport I cut a ply board to protect the rig, I found it fits nicely into a ipadmini sleeve. The shutter servo is velcro’d onto the rig to keep it flapping loose.

IMG_0009cutting the hole was a bit of a laugh, I’d love to get this laser cut for a really neat job:

IMG_0008Next: to try a higher fixed ISO ….


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