after the fire re-build & re-think

I don’t want to dwell too much on this but it might be worth knowing how much damage one can expect if you have the misfortune to have a LiPo battery fire on a rig.

Rig SN 04 1479

  • Servos
    Shutter destroyed, replaced.
    Pan (360) case destroyed, rebuilt from spares.
    Tilt (GS1) case destroyed, rebuilt from spares.
  • Power
    Battery destroyed, replaced with 3s 11.1v 1300mAh.
    UBEC: Smoke stains, cleaned, tested and re-fitted.
    Switch destroyed, replaced with steel type ‘A’.
  • Radio
    Rx: Case melted, works, retained. 10mm of the antenna tip lost- seems to work OK.
    Video TX : case melted works, case replaced and re-sited to improve radiation
    OSD/GPS: case melted works, case replaced and re-sited for balance
  • Frame
    BBGG: Smoke stains, cleaned, retained in situ
    Tilt plate: cleaned, retained, spacers and bearing replaced
    Upper U: cleaned, retained.
  • Cables and connectors:  Y cable 1 connector lost, replaced connector. Switch loom lost.
  • SKB Case: lost all foam but survived.

so that’s 1 shutter servo, 2 Hammond 1551k cases, a battery, a switch, many zip ties, 2 days of cleaning off nasty black sticky stuff and fitting it all back together to bring it back to life. Fortunately I had spares for a lot of what was needed. I believe having the video and OSD boards in cases saved them so although there is a weight penalty I replaced the melted cases .

A week since its last flight it was back in the air at work: after testing and testing again all connectors were sound and up she went.

Bottisham Lode 03102014 _DSC0524

I’m changing how I manage the batteries and have a new position for the video Tx antenna, what larks eh?


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