Surprise L rig pano test

Ningaloo Test-1I had posted off an L rig to the Channel Islands, although it took a day longer than the Post Office agreed to, I was thrilled to see the rig flung into the sky on arrival.

The pano was stitched in Photoshop, the wind was smooth and the horizon line cut the tilt perfectly. This is what the ‘L’ rigs are made for!

The camera was a Canon S100 PowerShot shooting using SDM at 1/800sec on Tv priority.

I wasn’t expecting these rigs to do much more than the required panos of the Washes so it is a  joy to behold this one.

The double switch clearly worked…and the estimated tilt too!

Kevin had to wait longer than anticipated for his rig and I thank him for his patience.

I can’t take any credit for the L design, like most things in KAP ever since Athur Batut took the first shots in the 1880s KAP inventiveness has teemed with ideas both practical and fanciful. I hit upon the L as a good way of making use of my basic metal work skills to do the job.

4 Ls





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