Low tide at Snettisham Scalp

High pressure weather systems drive me nuts, you get good sunlight but no wind.  I have work to do at Denver but the wind was having none of it so I reckoned a further half hour drive north might get my kite to a place with an active flow: and so it proved to be. I got lucky at Snettisham Scalp.


Snettisham Scalp is at the point where the mudflats of the Wash give way to a more marine coastline with sand overlying clay in the tidal zone. The effect of the draining tide cutting into the mud and clay turned out to be fascinating. Not expecting too much from the weak flow I launched Mike Jones’  superb 8′ Rok and found enough lift for an RC rig. Coastal flows are lovely for kite flying, a smooth steady laminar push got me up to 60m in no time…


and a panorama of the holiday resort opens out. Once aloft a walk downwind takes me along the beach towards a nest of pinging masts…


and onward to the widening mudflats exposed by the falling tide.


These images were a complete surprise, the glare from the wet mud gave little clue as what the camera was picking up, I could just see the glint of sunlight at the brightest points so I shot frames centred on them and hoped for the best.


A flock of seagulls were keeping to the edge of the tide. 60m is too high to record them well.


A single, lucky shot captured the blue of the clay,


I used a CPL filter and high level cloud hid the sun for most of the flight.

Mud clay & sand

This was the only shot which caught enough direct light to trap these colours. The footprints are human, I guess it was the long trosh to the dinghy and back that left them.


The patterns, colours and textures captured, not forgetting the lovely sea breeze, will bring me back to Snettisham for sure!



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