Refining RX1 KAP

1st flight results with the full frame mirror-less camera have been a joy, the image quality surpasses anything I have achieved this far. Cropping down to detail works a treat and the sharpness, even at wide apertures is gratifying.

_DSC5889Problem is, it’s filling the SD card at 30Gb an hour as an autoKAP mule making processing a tiresome chore: an hour in the sky equates to about a day sifting; so many beautiful shots of featureless mud or unlit treetops fill my hard-discs now!

_DSC5853a 100% crop from the frame above:

Car park-1With such a hefty image file size (25mb a shot) a selective, directed camera approach is required, if only to speed the sort and save. For me a directed camera means video relay. The RX1 is supplied with an HDMI output so how hard can it be? An HDMI/AV converter is available (variously sold under the brand ‘Silverlight’) and I got mine from HobbyKing. It’s known to be compatible with the Sony Nex series video format so I was hopeful it would work with the Cybershot too.

HDMI converter_02… but it needs a micro to mini adaptor to fit the micro HDMI port (sigh). Another wait for the postman before I can see how it all fits onto the rig…

HDMI converter_01…good news is: it works and no additional power is required. It weighs less than a mini cam…bad news is: it sticks out the side of the camera like a low tree branch on a bus route, it has ‘break me’ written all over it…still provided I’m careful getting the camera on and off the rig it should be OK, at least until I can investigate a less temporary fit (a cut down adaptor and heat-shrink protection spring to mind) later…

Fitting all I need for directed camera work into a box is important for kit survival and field procedure- a place for everything :

RX1 boxedand everything in its place. On the left, pendulum, top left video receiver and screen, top right spare batteries for rig, camera and video receiver, PL filter, magic tin o’ bits.

All up the RX1 rig is a compact 980g payload, it includes a GPS OSD module for CAA compliance which is not strictly required and removing it would bring the weight down by about 50g. As the rig is wired up with a UBEC loom powering an Immersion RC 5.8GHz video transmitter and Spektrum 2.4GHz receiver I’m reluctant to pull it all apart to get the weight down before I have got my eye in with the new weight and viewfinder set up. I recall from the early outings with the Leica X1 it takes a while to learn what 60m AGL looks and feels like.

The battery runtime on the rig should benefit from the reduced power draw compared to the previous minicam set-up with the RX1 battery powering the video out.

Tweaking the power supply to reduce weight  and ruggedising the HDMI hardware are the next priorities…after getting some air time in!





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