More dots, more detail: ‘full frame’ KAP

Some pixel peeping to begin:Bike shadow 2This is a 100% crop from this frame: Bike shadow 1and that is simply what I’m on about here, a 25mp 35mm x26mm sensor captures more light than a smaller sensor, no matter how pumped with photosites it is. More light means more detail. This shot is one of a series of 570 taken over about half an hour with a Sony RX1 controlled  by clickPanpro. The block had many motion blur failures. Unfortunately, in haste I set the rig delay too short to accommodate the AF, which is pretty quick but responds differently to horizon shots from nadir.

Ppl shadow 2another 1:1 sample

Ppl shadow 1..and its parent frame.

On the ground the camera is a blissful thing to use, stick it in ‘Auto’ and it does wonderful things. Dangling it from a kite line is another matter. There is no image stabilisation available for still shooting, something I have relied on with previous compact cameras to secure sharp sets. The RX1 has a terrific ISO range (50-25600) so further experiment in limiting shutter speed by ISO will be interesting. Twilight KAP should be revealing!

W8 W8 1482g. That’s the weight of the Sony RX1. With the lens. The closest thing to it is the Sony A7 which weighs at least 585g with a 35mm lens. It’s an obvious choice for KAP. Any other full frame camera is ‘off the scale’ in terms of weight.

RX1 with shutter servoA remote shutter release adds 15g. There is no IR remote option for this camera. I used a metal gear (MG) ‘micro’ servo as experience tells me the force required to operate the button is a tad more than the plastic gears can take. I have stripped the gears on a few of the cheap ones so the weight penalty (9g) must be paid.  The offsets from the hot-shoe to the shutter button are very close to the Lumix LX3 and a bit of shimming would adapt an LX3 servo mount easily.

Fitted to a  Brookes ‘deLux’ rig the all up payload is 820g. With video relay I expect to have around a kilo in the air depending on battery configuration.

The RX1 has a panoramic mode which will be fun to explore too!


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4 Responses to More dots, more detail: ‘full frame’ KAP

  1. Jasja says:

    hey, is that cambridge? I think I lived on a boat next to that bridge in the 1990s. Nice footage

    • Yes, Cambridge it is.

      There are currently about 80 names on the waiting list for a residential mooring licence, with an estimated three- to five-year wait for a space….Our mooring licence waiting list is currently closed. The expected waiting list time is in excess of 18 months and therefore, to manage applicant expectations, we are not accepting any new applications.

      The list was closed on 14 January 2014 and will be reviewed at a later date. Notification will be published on the website when the waiting list is re-opened.

  2. Ramon says:

    That RX1 looks like a real gem to me, Bill. Congratulations! I hope you have lots of fun with it.

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