What is the best kite for KAP?

There has been a flurry on interest in this post so I have brought it up to date!

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If I had to choose one kite above any other that I’ve flown as a camera lifter it would be this one: the Into The Wind Levitation 9′ Delta.

ITW LevitationIt needs one simple modification for KAP: the replacement of the spreader spar with a deep ferrule 2 piece 8mm carbon one.  The only times it lets me down is at the slack end of Bft 2 when Mike Jones’s beautiful 8’Rokkaku does the job:

JA 8'RokkakuThe delta, being sparred like the Rokkaku and can be a bit awkward to carry around so I keep a a variety of soft kites to pack on the bike, like this one for Bft 3:

Explorer 2_7In punchier winds like Bft 4 and above its the PFK Nighthawk:PFK x640

which needs a lot of sky to work in so I always give it more line ahead of the camera to keep things steady.

I have been…

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One Response to What is the best kite for KAP?

  1. Piotr says:

    Good delta, with a span of 3 m, it is very versatile kite. Together with Rokkaku 8′ and PFK Kiwi, is a set of hard to beat, for all conditions. :O)

    Piotr BKT

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