DSBV 3rd mod: the tracking bridle

Following Mike LeDuc’s advice I fitted a tracking bridle:


This centres the sleeve perfectly. Does a much better job than the tension balancing clip. There are some friction losses to see to, the trusty rubber-bands rub in places and the tension of the return line on the bridle is an untested aspect.

I used Climax extreme for the bridle lines, it has virtually no stretch but is waxed  so the movement, although stiffer than I’d like shouldn’t wear the line too much.

The wind is very light today so I can’t really give a fair report on the performance of the latest version but the centre remains on the CoG nicely under compression.

_MG_5130_MG_5131I can think of many ways to finesse this but until it’s done a good few hours in a punchy breeze it will remain in a prototype state, in light-winds on a Levitation light its fine, it makes the haul down easier by releasing the line tension, this makes me think another advantage the DS has is to prolong winder life.

_DSC0026With much thanks to Mike it’s time to head back to the skies!


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