DSBV next mods

Learning from Mike LeDuc’s experience the balance of the spar and the elastic force is the next problem to solve. Mike’s solution is a ‘tracking bridle’ which feeds the displacement from one end of the spar to the other. This is optimum and I’m 2x  6mm nocks short in the parts bin to implement it, impatience forces me to try a halfway house.

I decided to clip the flex stop to the spar on a centred ring:

_DSC0022the hope is that as the spine is pushed to the limit of the stop it will pull the DS back to its centre. ..it doesn’t: after 15mins in 5-16mph the sleeve has shifted to the right and the kite heels accordingly in gust:

_DSC0020the kite did manage to absorb the wind pressure at gust well…

_DSC0004but the instability caused by the imbalance soon began to show:

_DSC0016..better order those nocks…

I was able to improve things a bit by shortening the flex stop with an overhand knot,

_DSC0001-2the kite took gusts of up to 25mph but still tended to track violently across the sky as the wind picked up.

My last trick of the day is to try and balance the elastic force:_DSC0001-3which proved to be quite effective, the elastic centre is fixed with a bike lamp bracket from Cateye, I cut off the bits I didn’t need, clipped it on,  centred the sleeve, squeezed the spar ends and then tightened the clip on at the resultant centre. The offset was much more than I expected . A bit of a fiddle to set up but I was able to get stable flight on 2 kites.

_DSC0022-2After half an hour the wind was letting go but the clip remained where I put it and the sleeve was still centred. Something like success, even though the offset weight of the clip (5g) is now a consideration in gust.




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