Orange rx3s for KAP

A very affordable stabiliser for RC ‘planes fitted to a rig as tilt axis stabilisation. The first segment is at 0.25x speed so the action of the gyro is (just) visible. I used the elevator channel with the ‘pitch’ gain at about 50%.

Out of the box the performance is way behind the GS1 but this device runs on open source firmware. I’m hopeful new firmware will adapt the device for KAP in time.

Orange rx3STom Benedict has suggested the possibility of programming it so that the rig can be switched from AutoKAP to RC control using the aux channel in flight. This would be a boon!

ORx3SRig with orangey bits on: in this position the ‘rudder’ gyro controls the tilt axis.

At the risk of clogging up the internet with utterly useless video footage this clip shows the motion achieved on the rudder channel. It’s notchy at best and I have had it stick in the nadir axis, almost as if the servo has hit a stop somewhere. I think you can just about pick out the reverse tendency:

Using the servo reverse dip switches doesn’t reverse the gyro action, only the direction of the Tx stick.

If I hook up the Rx3S to the clickPanPro the tilt axis is unable to achieve a horizontal attitude. Clearly there is much more to learn on this!

KAP forum thread:


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3 Responses to Orange rx3s for KAP

  1. Ramon says:

    Hmm, interesting material… So little time. I just completed my X-Phase II noise cancelling filter to get rid of very annoying noise on short wave, coming from poorly engineered electronics (dimmers, plasma screen TVs, etc.). And now I’m into this Orange thing again… Need to have a closer look. And a word with Tom B. too :0)

    • It definitely has potential. I just don’t know enough about the programming side.

      It looks like the read /react frequency, the reaction direction and magnitude can be reworked but the whole chip ‘burning ‘ thing scares the pants off me. It looks very easy to kill the device with no way back. Good news is, these things are cheap.

      If you have mastered signal filtering it looks like you will be able to ‘solve’ the gyro issue too!

      I like Tom’s idea of using it as a switchable Auto/RC, if that could work with just tilt axis stabilisation it would be a marvel indeed.


  2. Ramon says:

    Programming isn’t my thing at all, although I’m doing IT stuff for a living. I’ve always been more into radios than computers, but the professional radio I did ceased to be so I had to look for something different. Working on a new kite aerial (antenna) for the coming season. It’s almost done and ready for fieldwork!

    Indeed, Tom’s idea would be absolutely briljant if he’d be able to translate the idea into something that really works. So, need to get into touch again with the good man to ask if I can assist :0)

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