GeoMax Zoom 80 & TheoLt

A generic, ‘no frills’ robotic TST is not something you’d necessarily associate with Leica but the parent company Hexagon has provided just that with the GeoMax Zoom 80, a TCRA 1200 in all but name supplied as a current product as opposed to the ‘legacy’ instrument now replaced by a Flexline/Nova/Viva equivalent from Leica Geosystems.

I was lucky to get a chance to get a good look at the ‘back catalog re-issue’ 1200 and test out the interface with TheoLt.

2 boxes 2Which box is coming to work with me today? I have to say I’m averse to the yellow one, the yellow kit has always been a bit awkward ..the Trimble TST has always been a poor second, not to mention Topcon…don’t get me wrong I’ll work with anything that has a serial port, but I have a strong preference for the Heerbrug line having cut my teeth on T2s way back when it was one between 2 at Vauxhall College.

2 PsTake a look inside the yellow box and we have a 1200. Ok so the colour  is a bit off but it’s all there, ATR, RL mode, Lemo port, Smart handle, Bluetoof, GeoCom and GSI coms: the lot. They are alike as 2 peas in a pod!

Typ labelThe ID label inside the ( sadly filthy on this, hard working, example)  battery cover shows the origin of the instrument as Swiss and the spec as a 5″ instrument.

GeoMax Zoom 80The similarities don’t just stop there either, the firmware is familiar too.

Here is the routine for setting up the coms, first remove the data card:

Remove card 2At the main menu select ‘5 Config’ and then ‘4 Interfaces’ and the set up is the same as for the 1200. This is from part 18 and 19 of the manual supplied:

zoom coms settings

The sequence is repeated for the GeoCOM port so that you end up with:

2comsIn this example the port is a Bluetoof link. Return to the main menu with CONT. Usually the instrument will need a restart to get the link going.

zoom settingsIn TheoLt all that needs doing is to select the instrument, find the Bluetooth port number (remember it must be between 1 and 8) and off you go!

Happy surveys,


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