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Orange rx3s for KAP

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A very affordable stabiliser for RC ‘planes fitted to a rig as tilt axis stabilisation. The first segment is at 0.25x speed so the action of the gyro is (just) visible. I used the elevator channel with the ‘pitch’ gain … Continue reading

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Thoughts on choosing KAP method

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In preparing content for the KAPwiki it transpires advice on method is needed. One way of organising the options is to look at the rig and what it is likely to be used for: but this is not the whole … Continue reading

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KAP Knolling

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Where this comes from I do not know but I found this photographic style via Reddit. One of the great joys of KAP is to find the everyday patterns in things. The actual definition of knolling is “the process of … Continue reading

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Walls of the Kingdom

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Cambridge (Grontabricc in the 2nd edition Ordnance Survey map of  Britain in the Dark Ages extract below) is straddled by 3 large, ancient, earthworks. To the South the Heydon Ditch, to the East the Fleam Dyke and to the North … Continue reading

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The slippery slope: CAD hachures

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The depiction of slope by hachure shading is a cartographic convention that dates back to the Austrian cavalry officer Johann Georg Lehmann who, in 1799, devised a system for the rapid military mapping of terrain by field drawing. It has … Continue reading

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GeoMax Zoom 80 & TheoLt

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A generic, ‘no frills’ robotic TST is not something you’d necessarily associate with Leica but the parent company Hexagon has provided just that with the GeoMax Zoom 80, a TCRA 1200 in all but name supplied as a current product … Continue reading

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