TheoLt on Win 7

I have had a couple of suppport calls on this recently so here is the shake down for a Windows 7 install.  Similar problems are encountered in Win 8 too. There are 2 things to do for your install to work properly.

1. Before you install TheoLt. For the Authorisation to work you will need to set the UAC to ‘never notify’ The setting is in Control Panel, User accounts, Change User Account Control Settings:

UAC settings2. The working path for TheoLt  is set by default as c:\. Many Windows 7 installs lock out read/write actions to this path. You need to re-set the path away from the root. If this is not rectified the scripts for TheoLt orientation will fail:

Screen Shot Error cmmnd lineThis is an r7 script r8 will use a unique script ID.

Path settingThe setting is under TheoLt 32 Application settings. r7/8 above r9 below:

r9 SettingsWith the path changed from C:\ TheoLt should write the required scripts without grief.

The latest published version(8.22)  of TheoLt is here


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