TheoLt Comms with Leica Flexline TS series instruments

Leica’s Flexline series of TST has a fun wrinkle in setting up the comms. If you want it to talk to TheoLt you need to set it to use some form of external communication. Bluetooth wireless, Lemo and USB cables are options.  At the Main Menu screen select ‘5. Setting’:

Flexline Main Menuand sure enough the sub menu has a ‘3. Comm.’ option there:

Flexline Settings MenuSelect RS232 as the port and all the comms parameters are there to play with:

Flexline Comms settingsThe ‘Automatically’ setting will detect the cable when its plugged in, leaving the Bluetooth active means it will take over when the cable is removed. Selecting ‘RS232’ will allow the baudrate, data bit and parity settings to be switched. Note that on p2 there is a switch for ‘Acknowledge’- make sure its set to ‘on.’

Make sure TheoLt settings match the instrument settings for the allocated COM port:

TheoLt Proj tab(note that in release 9 the settings button has moved to the project tab)

TheoLt inst SettingsTheoLt CommsSettings_2Once in agreement with TheoLt comms will begin.  BUT  you only have one way comms! You can call data from the software but although the instrument can be triggered by the ALL key in the Q-Survey Screen nothing is sent to CAD.

What’s up? There is one more setting to see to and it dosn’t live in the ‘comm’ menu, it’s in the ‘General’ settings menu:

Flexline General settings4 pages in you need to select ‘ interface’ instead of ‘internal memory’ for Data Output:

Flexline settings page 4_02


A word of warning:  the Flexline comms don’t work under Windows 8, apparently because Leica haven’t provided a Microsoft certified interface for them. This kills both cable and Bluetooth options. There are work-arounds ( including a downgrade to Win 7..duh) posted on the web involving re-configuring Win 8  to drop requests for certificates but I have had no luck with this method so far. Leica Geosystems state they are not addressing this problem until there is ‘sufficient demand’.

A kick in the teeth for the early adopters eh?

Happy surveys,


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