High speed panoramas with click-Pan Pro.

A problem with KAP panoramas is the variation in camera position during the capture sequence . In an effort to reduce the ammount of camera movement the kite flier has  4 options:

  1. Wait for a more stable airflow (may never happen but its surprising how time of day and season can change the motion of air from a particular direction.
  2. Speed up the camera movements so that the motion between shots is as little as possible.
  3. Get a ‘360’ lens
  4. Use a panoramic camera

I’m investigating option 2 as click-Pan Pro can be set to run pretty fast, it even has a continous pan setting (which I have not dared to try yet!)

The ‘C’ path with the tilt servo removed gives 2 shots per pan move, this ( Leica DLux 4/ Panasonic Lumix LX3) camera can’t keep up with the shot rate and saves one (Autofocused and stabilised)  shot per step. The shutter servo takes a pasting too!

For panoramic cover I use the portrait aspect and a fixed tilt to try and keep things simple at the stitching end.

A typical strip looks like this:20 shot blockand it would be nice to export the block at a reduction, feed it straight into PTGui, hit ‘Align Images’ stand well back and admire the result:

erm PTG out putand the wobbling height problem is revealed. This one is with the rig balsting away at a 2s interval. The camera uses image stabilistion so the AF hit rate is good but, oh boy, what a mess of the horizon line!

Fortunately the pan is taking 20 shots to the circle giving a generous overlap so maybe I can take out a few and see if the result  improves:

12 images removedstill suffering from wavy horizon..this is Cambridgeshire afterall…some work with the photoshop jemmy does the trick:

12 images removed

Cambridge City Coe Fen  & Laundress green 01102013 x640Kings & Cam 01012013The high speed rig seems to have done the job!

The options with clickPan pro now look like this:

clickPan Pro settingsThe pan & tilt paths A to H now look like this, pan is left to right and tilt is top (horizon =0) to bottom (nadir=90) :

Gentles clickPan Pro path settingsMost of the paths have quite a long gap from horizon shot to horizon shot, path E should give the best panoramic cover but I think the ‘ high speed’ option of working without the tilt optimises exposure variation and camera movement.  I shall experiment with the pan step, as I think I’m using too big an overlap, so I’ll need to keep the switch settings handy.


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