Getting the most out of autoKAP

Working with clickPanPro I’m able to get the rig moving as fast as I can whilst alowing time for it to settle between pan shifts. I’m getting a mix of nadir and horizon cover with tilt steps in between. I removed a ‘more tilt’ device and found I got precise 0-90 travel on the tilt servo:

4 step sequece_02This is an example of the full sweep from horizon to nadir and back agian. Unfortunately I’m still gettingAF fails on the Eos M when its swung towards the bright sky so there are pan passes which are mighty dull:

Ground pan The nadir cover is consitsently good, even in poor light, there is no stabilisation at all on this set up other than the pendulum:

working this way the nadir shots can be a nice surprise when they align well with ground features: the classic KAP ‘texture and pattern’ shots:

When the camera behaves I can use the horizon cover for panoramic montages :

This is from 3 frames taken at 60mAGL with the 22mm pancake lens on the EosM. The overlap is about 40%. I have expanded the height to deepen the perspective.

The mighty Rok



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