0.75x converter lens on Canon Eos M

I have a Lumix .75x wide angle converter which has fallen into disuse and it occurred to me it might help the autoKAP hit rate on the Canon Eos M.

The expense and weight of replacing the 22mm lens with the 210g Canon EF-M 18-55mm  seems excessive just to get the 18mm end of it. So I thought I’d see what happens if I widen the field of view with a supplementary lens.

The DMW-LW46 worked well on the Panasonic LX3 cameras but my quest for optimum KAP IQ has left it on the shelf. It’s a nice piece of glass:


A 43-46mm step-up ring is needed to fit it to the 22mm lens front.

eos m with WA converter

The weight of the camera is increased to 550g and the field of view widened by 25%. The Eos EF-M fit 18-55m lens brings the camera weight up to 520g so this set up is only a little heavier than swapping out the lens altogether. Although the IS (image stabilisation) function on the 18-55mm lens would be well worth having, this camera needs to earn its keep before more cash is hurled at it.

The focal length is optically reduced (22 x 0.75) to 16.5mm which gives a 35mm equivellent size of 25mm. Autofocus coped with the adaption with no problem, testing with a polarising (CPL) filter between the 2 lenses seeems to work too. I taped up the CPL filter to avoid accidental slipping.

22 and WA converterThe 100% size crop, with the wider view on the left, shows there is, as can be expected, some loss of resolution:

100 pc reso check

It’s satisfying to bring something back into use, the only additional expense was the step-up ring.

550g on a string

Now all I need is a bit of sunlight and a good breeze to see how it works for KAP.


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