The new Norfolk dulcimer:1st notes

Dulcimer No1Fully strung and settled in the first notes ring out of dulcimer No1.

Dulcimer No1 detail_01There are a few snags with it and this is to be expected with a prototype, despite our best efforts the tuning had a tendency to slip until extra fixings were added. It’s been in tune for almost a week now. Production models will benefit from the lessons learned on this one!

Richard Blake playing at pitch:

Dulcimer Test 1

Click the link at it will play…it’s a little ragged but sounds good to me!


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2 Responses to The new Norfolk dulcimer:1st notes

  1. Ramon says:

    Been following the dulcimer project since the beginning but never really informed you on that, Bill. I’ve always liked these instruments – string instruments in general, but especially dulcimers from all over the world. I’ve some CD’s and other sources with music that to some degree have dulcimers in them. Hat off for the work that’s been put in the Norfolk dulcimer project!



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