The new Norfolk dulcimer: stringing ducimer No.1

This is the first dulcimer body in its finished state, this is a ‘plain’ finished model the fancy decorated ones will have to wait:

San strings_01The workshop finish is suberb. The 20 brass topped bridges, 80 strings, wrest & hitch pins pins are fitted…

San strings_02San strings_03 San strings_04 With strings_01 With strings_02The strings are tuned thus:

Tuning_02The strings have to settle in before they are all tuned to pitch….the first concert appearance will be soon!



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2 Responses to The new Norfolk dulcimer: stringing ducimer No.1

  1. Klaus says:

    Hello! Nice job! Congratulations! I have a doubt: how the tuning pins are fixed? Straight on the wood or there is some kind of nut or metal plate?

    • Thanks for taking a look Klaus!
      They are wound with a tuning key into holes drilled at exactly the right size for them.
      They are straigt into the wood (which must be of good quality!)
      You can see the key in the 5th photo. They are then strung and wound on further to pitch.

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