Norfolk Dulcimer revival: the prototype

Revision 1 resized -1As far as is known these are the first dulcimers made in Norfolk for around 100 years. Drawings are  issued……and work is progressing at Marcus Ashby’s Norwich workshop:Richard and David with prototypePrecise workmanship by David Thomas is making the CAD real:Prototype detailTest stringing confirms the set out of the pins, nut and table:With string_01Tuned to pitch the dry fit works fine.3 DulcimersThe new dulcimer and an ancestor.

Production instruments are on their way:In production

3 Dulcimers_02Richard Blake shows the way. The joy of the Norfolk dulcimer will soon ring out!


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7 Responses to Norfolk Dulcimer revival: the prototype

  1. Katie Howson says:

    Brilliant, brilliant!!!! Well done Richard and team. This will enable the local style of playing to continue into the future.

  2. Thanks Katie, it is our hope to put these instruments in the hands of new, local players as soon as we can!

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  4. Jel Main says:

    Keep me posted, I’ve a new Brooks (or not quite new, she’s got a bog-oak soundboard 1900 years old) in Enfield and starting work learning, myself.
    One question, hammers?

  5. Richard will put you right on that too, he has the tunes.


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