KAP Altimeter: result!

A blustery SEasterly and here we go with the PFK:

It took a little while for the GPS to get lock from 6 satellites and the speed readings are a bit misleading, I suspect there is more vertical speed than horizontal but there it is : on the top right, height above ground at start point is legibly displayed on the screen in metres. Hurrah!
As you can see my viewfinder is not the best but it is good enough, runs on its own battery for about 2.5 hours and is small enough to clip onto my RC transmitter along with the required video receiver and battery.
After a short while (10mins 20 sec to be precise) the system decided the flight was over and it was time for a report:
Max speed 24 kmh, Avg Speed 1kmh, Max Distance 103m, Total Dist 1.2km, Max Alt. 53m, Flight time 10:20, Long 0.15’59”, Lat 52,20’38”
Some of the figures are a little odd but this is not too surprising given the movement of the rig: once its up there it did’t move about too much in X and Y but a great deal in Z.
The ‘flight summary’ feature is a default option which can be de-selected via a USB connection to Immersion RCs software. It’s a pity to kill it but its triggered by the forward speed of the ‘ aircraft ‘ which is a problem for me as my aircraft can spend long periods roughly static in the sky. When forward motion stops the OSD assumes the flight is over. Once the summary is on the screen the live data stops.  I have not found a way to extract data from the system either, I suspsect a logger will be required for that.
The height readings concur with my own ‘mental 60m AGL’ estimate and the display data, despite being a bit slow will be very useful in keeping things at a safe height.
The PFK gave the rig a rough ride but it had to cope with a pretty pushy airflow:
..and with the ISO set to 800 I was pleasantly surprised to get some decent shots:

a quick pan and tilt later:

taken from the same height but cropped down to frame the train.
Having been ‘all around the houses’ to get back to where I was with the Gent AltiOSD I now realise what a great device it was….light, fast and with a clear display: if only it was still made. Mind you I have opened the parts inventory for my my first quadcopter guidance system so its not all in vain!
Immersion RC are here


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3 Responses to KAP Altimeter: result!

  1. Ramon says:

    Good stuff, Bill. Can you use the alti-data to proof that you flew under the legal height threshold?

  2. Ramon says:

    Ah, OK. While flying you can at least show them you care about safety :0)

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