KAP altimeter: ‘other side to sky’

Following the disapointment of the EagleTree OSD system I decided to try its FPV rival from Immersion RC.
With UK stocks available I swiftly secured the ‘EzOSD’ board and with some trepidation wired it up.
Inevitably I had to improvise the wiring. The Tx (transmitter) and The OSD (On Screen Display) are designed to work through a current meter,  I don’t need one so joining one to the other I was able to use the regulated 5V supply from the Tx to power the OSD- to do this I had to cut the +ve wire on the supplied cable to avoid a power feed in the wrong direction. This is the trial set up. I was able to strip out a lot of redundant cable as I’m not doing audio and I found the video feed worked nicely on a shared common ground with the transmitter.
To keep things tidy I squeezed the 2 boards in to boxes, I believe they are more likely to survive transport by bike, car, plane, rucksack, shoulder bag etc if they are protected:
I discover there is a right and a wrong way of fitting the OSD box to the rig…
Immersion RC offer 3 text ‘size’ options this is their ‘HD’ mode which just about does the job:
I believe the OSD unit will also log data once the rig is 100m down range from start so I’m looking forward to getting a track of where the rig has been in the sky.
All up the rig is now 840g,  not ideal but at least I can fly safe now. I will now be able to explore the ceiling of 360m with live data!


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