How high is that sir?

There are only 2 questions the Police have ever asked me by about KAP.
1 Can you stop that immediately?
2. How high is your kite?
The first question is easy to answer…compliance with a request from a Police officer is mandatory!
The second is a bit more tricky, I have got used to the view at 60m in my video relay as I have had confirmation of the height of the rig by the James Gentles AltiOSD readout.
When I converted to 5.8GHz video I couldn’t fit the altimeter into the VideoTx box so I left it off. Not a problem, I had ‘learned’ the required height.  I now have the opportunity to fly up to a CAA approved 1100 feet (360m) AGL at a location near me and its time to get the altimeter working again…I wired it in …powered it up..and fried it..pah! The power supply to the VTx is 11.1v..I check the max permitted voltage to the AltiOSD- it is 10v. Game over. Nothing doing: its dead. If only I’d checked the voltages 1st!
James dosn’t supply the AltiOSD any more, he reckons the FPV syetms have it covered now so off I go to find a replacement…
I got a quick replacement from EagleTree, it weighs 4 grams  and takes 4- 16v. In ‘stand alone’ mode it works by recording the max height achieved over 20m and flashes the result one digit at a time at you until power off, I got 74m recorded on test:

Fun, but only slightly more useful than a chocolate teapot!  Eagle Tree tell me that to get the altimeter to send data to ground I need to install not one but TWO boards onto the rig. A logger to read the data and an OSD to send it to the vTx. The system is designed for FPV RC flying, not KAP so once again I find myself adapting specialst kit to my own (even more) specialist purpose…more weight, more power drain..more voltages…the tinkering goes on…and on…
By adding an Eagle Tree ‘eLogger’ and an  ‘OSD pro’ I can transmit the altitude to my ground screen:
but I have absoloutely no chance of being able to read the value unless I get a bigger screen! I raise a support ticket with Eagle Tree, I get a swift response:
The Eagle Tree support team has replied to your support request #853746
Hi Mr. Blake,
Unfortunately there is no way to increase the text size. Sorry about that!
We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions.
So there is a lesson learned: you can’t read EagleTree OSD on a 2.5″ screen. I now either get a bigger screen..and more juice to power it…or look at an alternate OSD method. A least I can now tell how high the  rig has been …just not how high it is when I’m flying it!


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