Getting to know the 8 foot Rok

Not being a seasoned Rokkaku flyer I am grateful for helpful advice from Mike Jones and Craig Lovejoy and I have begun to familiarise myself with the performance envelope of my new 8′ wonder.  I have found launch speed to be 4mph with some difficulty and 5mph with ease. Mike says that with bridle tuning it’s possible to get it to fly in 3mph, today’s wind was 5mph at lull and 11 at gust so I thought I’d see how it fared around its top end.
The comfortable top speed for it is reckoned to be 11mph. I tethered the kite on about 20m of line and recorded the wind speed  as the kite rose and fell.  Rokkakus change shape as they fly in different wind speeds so I have tried to capture this:
Profile at 6mph wind speed:Profile at 8mph:
Profle at 11mph:
Side view showing spine defection at 6 mph:The max speed recorded was 11.6mph.
As the gusts strengthened I decided to call it a day for the big rok…it’s a light wind lifter afer all!


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5 Responses to Getting to know the 8 foot Rok

  1. Jasja says:

    Very nice series of pictures, familiar sight. What spars do you have in this rok?

  2. Clive Hollins says:

    Ah so I have converted you at last.

    • Indeed you have Clive, and to top it all I have just got it flying in a very limp 3mph on the Coramid extreme cheese wire by tweaking the AoA – next thing is to figure out the AoA to do that and lift the rig.

      Any idea as to how we might get your 3m rok in train with this one for super light wind lifting?


  3. Ramon says:

    All familiar pics indeed. Beautiful kite, Bill. Have fun with it!

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