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Your 2013 KAP calendar

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Here are my 12 favourite shots of the last year. For one reason or another most of the shots I’d planned to take didn’t come off so these are the fruit of largely unplanned flights taken when wind and light … Continue reading

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Have a GoPro Hero3?

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The new version of the  ‘look at me on YouTube’ action camera for wingsuiters, snowboarders and assorted ‘extreme’ sports enthusiasts is out now. The new lightweight wonder is under test by Wind Watcher and he has generously posted some sample … Continue reading

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KAP Altimeter: result!

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A blustery SEasterly and here we go with the PFK: It took a little while for the GPS to get lock from 6 satellites and the speed readings are a bit misleading, I suspect there is more vertical speed than … Continue reading

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KAP altimeter: ‘other side to sky’

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Following the disapointment of the EagleTree OSD system I decided to try its FPV rival from Immersion RC. With UK stocks available I swiftly secured the ‘EzOSD’ board and with some trepidation wired it up. Inevitably I had to improvise … Continue reading

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How high is that sir?

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There are only 2 questions the Police have ever asked me by about KAP. 1 Can you stop that immediately? 2. How high is your kite? The first question is easy to answer…compliance with a request from a Police officer … Continue reading

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Which camera is best for KAP?

Since CHNT17 I have updated the camera comparison table to include the forthcoming new camera from Sony. I should begin by saying there is probably no ‘right’ answer and the camera you have may well be the best one for … Continue reading

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Why KAP?

A poster on using a microcopter for low level aerial photography of heritage sites at CHNT17 caught my eye. The proposition was straightforward and the images to support it looked good: using a video camera sweep it is possible to … Continue reading

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This week I have been lucky to be invited to represent kubit at CHNT 17 Vienna. My short paper was on 2 projects from last year where PhotoPlan saved the day. The message is a simple one: the camera is … Continue reading

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Getting to know the 8 foot Rok

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Not being a seasoned Rokkaku flyer I am grateful for helpful advice from Mike Jones and Craig Lovejoy and I have begun to familiarise myself with the performance envelope of my new 8′ wonder.  I have found launch speed to … Continue reading

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