Jones Airfoils 8 foot Rok

In 11mph on 250daN line.

Beautifully detailed with strengthening on all the right places, not a loose thread to be seen!

The Rokkaku moves gently and the camera operator was thrilled with the view from above. Easy on the arm but lifts 800g easily in 7 mph.  The first flight was over the Denver Complex:
That’s Wissington sugar refinery in the distance:I’m not used to flying framed kites as I have always held the view ‘a kite without spars has one less failure mode to worry about’  but after some really excellent results with Clive Hollins’ 3m  Rok I decided to get one of my a less macho 2.4m!  It’s going to take a while to get used to the different flying angle and pull characteristics but its first flight was glorious…a smooth and steady sky hook indeed.
The wind speed rating is something I’m feeling my way into too: It flies at 4mph and lifts an 800g rig at 7.
At 11mph I found the pull of the kite to begin to get a bit serious and I gently wound it back to the ground rather than risk a snapped spar. I need to learn a lot more about ‘Skyshark 8P’ before I’m prepared to fly it in Bft4!
With thanks to Mike Jones and Richard Blake.


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7 Responses to Jones Airfoils 8 foot Rok

  1. Craig Lovejoy AKA Snagley says:

    Great choice Bill I love the Yellow.
    I have a Blue 8 footer and a Black 5 footer.
    I had my 8 footer up and the wind picked up…I thought it was going to fold in half.
    Stressed ROK
    It really stood up to some serious wind with absolutely no issues, not that I plan on flying the ROK in that wind (PFK) it’s just good to know it will survive.

  2. Craig Lovejoy AKA Snagley says:

    Should have mentioned mine are from Mike also.

    • The pic looks awful but I see the rok is actually flying!

      Did you get an idea of what the windspeed was at that point. I’d like to get a clear idea of where the limits are…and I hope your arms return to their natural length soon!

      I see Mike makes a ‘Force 5’ rok…I’m tempted!

  3. Craig Lovejoy AKA Snagley says:

    The flight started with the winds between 4 and 8 mph which I consider to be the sweet spot for the 8 footer. By the time the picture was taken it was 15 to 20. There was no pulling this down by hand I had to walk the line down, just glad I had room.
    The sweet spot for the 5 footer is 8 to 15 mph.
    Even within these sweet spots I will adjust the bridal ring up or down the line as much as 3 inches to change the angle of attack it can make a big difference in line pull.
    I know that you use the Flowform for allot of your KAP, which I tried but when the camera and rig did a 360 around the kite line my stomach was doing a flip flop.I much prefer ‘slackline KAP’
    I’ve just pre ordered the GoPro 3, looking forward to playing with the WiFi controls and extending the low wind window of KAP
    BTW love your shots of Fosters Mill

    • Looks like I have an 800g KAP optimum of 7 -11mph. I was fairly happy with it at 11mph but I’m playing safe with it while I get to know it.

      I know what you mean about the flowforms, they definately have their ‘moments’: so far the only ‘unbreakable’ one I have flown is the Didak Explorer 2.7. It’s pretty good at the blustery stuff at 10-15mph (and up to 20 is just possible with a drogue). It won’t turn over unless you do something stupid like haul it up from a wind shadow into a 30mph flow (yes, I have done that).

      Glad you like the Fosters Mill stuff so far. It is going to keep me busy for a while, it’s really hard to get at and I haven’t even got close to the shot I have in my minds eye yet!

  4. Mike Jones says:

    Hi Bill, I thought I would stop in and say hello and thank you for the nice write up! Lots of enjoyable KAP stuff you have in here! I should point out that Craig’s 5′ Rok is the only one I made 7′. 😉

    • Thanks for dropping by Mike!
      The kite is everything I’d hoped for, I have got a really nice light-wind option now, the rok out-performs the PLK/CiM Lifter by miles, simply because of its stability, you can winch launch the rok in conditions that would have grounded the Lifter. Developing the rokkaku as you have is a gift to the Kapper!

      In the short time I have had flying it my confidence in it is growing, it feels very different to the parafoil and flowform kites I have flown for KAP to date and it is a joy to be able to balance the pull with the simplest of bridle adjustment.

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