Wall decoration in and around Bled, Slovenia

The civic hall at Bled has a high level frieze depicting local industry and agriculture, the stylized nature of the design makes me think the work is from the 1960’s although the buiding is earlier. The design is really sharp even when photographed from ground level and corrected for perspective.PloughingThe blacksmithDairy farmingTito’s Belvedere at Villa Bled is decorated in the Socialist realist style (1945) .

The  collective triumph of construction and harvest are the theme:

The depiction of St Notburga of Rattenburg (c1850)  in the church of the lake island shows the ‘mother of the harvest’ image is far from new…

She has a firm grip on her floating sickle in this view. Back to more modern times … as a surveyor I was very taken with the depiction of the surveyor as hero in this scene of setting out the 1st peg in the rebuilding of the nation :

The mosaic shows the moment the tape is about to be hooked onto the 1st peg to set out the 1st distance, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pegs are under the surveyors arm while his assistant is about to read out the value from the design drawing (which is blank- symbol of a new start perhaps?).we are not shown what the scheme is, just the moment the design is about to be made real, as close as you can get to ‘inception’ in survey!The exaggerated effort of driving in the peg (which is in fact a ranging rod) only serves to emphasise the heroic importance of the event. None of my ranging rods ever needed a hammer to drive them in!

Slavko Pengov’s epic wall painting at Tito’s summer residence at Villa Bled is huge, detailed and ironic as he painted the German prisoners of war as the faces of Titos victorious partisan army.

As a pacifist Pengov let it be known he painted the bespectacled German soldier to show the loss of ordinary life in the war: this man is an intellectual like himeself, he bears no Nazi insignia but is lost none the less.

At the Church of St John the Baptist Bohinj painted decoration is reworked, replaced, uncovered and restored, wonderful work in a wonderful place!


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  1. Arun says:

    Very impressive art. Also, the background information you included gives the decoration another level of depth. Great article!

  2. Your presentation skills are really great. I want you to give more such weblogs. I will bookmark it keep posting.

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