KAP at Royston kite festival 2012

I’m not a fan of flying at kite festivals, the skies are crowded and the emphasis on ‘competitive’ events seems to go against the grain of what I like best about kite flying.  So it was with some misgivings I turned up to help out Clive Hollins with a KAP exhibition stand he’d got together for the show. Things hadn’t gone too well and, being a Sunday, I couldn’t get there till the very end of things. Clive had a lot to put up with:  rain, an awkward tent to assemble and a failed  ‘Easy- raze’ mast not to mention radio interference from the site PA system.  We headed out up-wind of the site and flew 2 cameras as high as we dared as the festival came to an end.
A handy 10-12mph southerly was pushing along nicely
After discovering the wind was too much for the Obird I handed the Didak Explorer 2.7 over to Clive and I shot as best I could. Framing kites from above proved to be pretty tricky and the amount of string in the sky meant a safe distance had to be kept between the rig and other kites. The KAP set up places 2 different angles on the flying line, something you can’t expect other kite flyers nearby to appreciate- even though the kite is high the line between the flyer and the camera can be at a very low angle.
It was lovely to see a really big Flowform  at work and I was sorry not to find out more about how flowforms work at the industrial end of the scale. By the time we’d got packed away the skies were empty.
You could see it from the A10 before even getting to Royston!
I got fed up with stuggling to frame shots and worry about collisions so I launched an autoKAP rig under the HQ flowform 2.0 on super light line and snapped a number of nice shadow groups  as folks headed home, shots taken at the apex of the flight were not the best in terms of resolution:
but on the way up the stand off was just right:
One clear bonus of flying a kite at a kite festival is that people are pretty forgiving about the whole kite thing, kites rose and fell, line was tangled and nobody got too fussed. People at the festival are more keen on the fun of thing than anything else. We didn’t get so many sharp shots and the close-ups of kites in the air were all a bit distant but it didn’t matter as our kites flew happily for half an hour in the blue skies of Hertfordshire!

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