All Saints Church Icklingham

The East end tracery got my attention when I walked past this building on the Ickneild way. Today we got a beefy Easterly with the Sun on. There is something miraculous in the precision of the stonework  framed by rough flint and thatch. Norman Scarfe, visiting in 1960, described the church as ‘one of the great examples left in England of a beautifiul unrestored church’.
I shall return in the hope of getting the 2 East windows in a tighter frame. Today the wind was rough one minute and light the next as the prelude to yet another Atlantic low racing in from the West and I kept my distance for fear of the rotor in gust.


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One Response to All Saints Church Icklingham

  1. Ivo Férin says:

    Brilliant blog Bill! you’ve opened a new world for me. I work in heritage conservation and I saw the immediate applications of KAP. I’ve already checked all your posts and posted a reference on your post “Kap what is it good for?” and used 2 photos, on my blog. Keep up!

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