Grain, freight and rain

I have had a shot like this in mind for years now, my first attempts were foiled by a Suffolk police officer who took quite an aggressive view on the road traffic hazard my kite presented: there had been complaints he said. So I decided to try my luck across the border in Cambridgeshire.  I want to capture the sense of road and rail motion with reference to the industrial power of the regions agriculture. The station at Kennet has it all: the mighty A14 route to the sea ports at Felixstowe and Harwich, grain silos and the chance to catch big intermodal freight movements too. The big problem with this subject is stopping on a journey East from home and walking in: I’m always on the way somewhere else when I pass this spot and think to myself ‘ I really must stop and see what I can get…one day!’
So today I stopped, there were breaks in the cloud and  a tugging S Westerly. It would be a simple matter of getting the camera in place and waiting for a train.
My confidence in the Didak Explorer is increasing and it flies well in a 12mph tugging breeze, its motion in the air is ‘pitchy’ but it always seems to end up right way up, as the wind speed picks up it pulls harder, rising above my head and then slackens as it heels to the left or right until the gust (18mph) is passed and it returns to its natural down wind apex 30-40 deg above the horizon.
It is not a smooth flier and a lot of its motion is imparted into the line and thence the rig:If it had been a bit brighter when the train came past I might have got away with a better exposure. As it was poor light and gust arrived just as the big diesel roared past and I didn’t get the shot I was after…this time!
I have tried to calm the motion of the Explorer by adding a drogue on a ‘Y’ line but it didn’t seem to help it much so I’m running out of ideas as to what it needs to soften it motion: elastic bridle perhaps?


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