More fun with the Didakites Explorer & IKAR Fotokite

I flew the Explorer and Fotokite today in about 3-4mph. they exhibited their charcatistics well in a light wind, the Explorer keeping position well but developing very little lift and the Fotokite pulling hard and weaving about. Neither kite produced enough steady lift for KAP. The Fotokite failed first as the wind dropped in lull:I thought I’d see what happens if I dropped 2 of the Explorers keels as a weight saving: it flew but tended to fold up- not a good mod!My test field is shared with some great kites:  I refitted the bridle on the explorer and as the wind picked up again I watched the Fotokite do its thing.A typical weaving move from the Fotokite and some rocking from the Explorer, you can see just how much sky the Fotokite likes to move around in!
In the end it was the CiM lifter that lofted the rig on a huge amount of light line:
I think it will be a case of finding the wind speed that suits the Explorer best and geting a ‘Y’ line for the drogue to calm the rocking: it looks like Bft 4 for it to me, the Fotokite is fun but it’s not really flexible ( it has a very narrow wind range) or stable enough for me to KAP with!


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4 Responses to More fun with the Didakites Explorer & IKAR Fotokite

  1. Piotr says:

    I must say that my 160 flies much better. Its flight is straight and less jumps in the air. My 160 F bridle is very long. I am not a fan of soft kite, so they rarely use them.
    Fotokite 160

    • I think soft kites for KAP are still very new! Compared to stick kites like the Rokkaku the designs are still in development. The sport kite end of the family is racing ahead! The Fotokite likes a very steady wind speed in this flight it was responding to a dropping flow. I love soft kites and having used 2 flowforms for the last 4 years I know how good they can be!

      • Piotr says:

        I use soft kites only how I want to do low raid on goal. Kite with sticks gives me more opportunities to recover from air traps. Everything is cool how line is empty. The advantage of FF, it is easy transport and quick readiness for flight. My FF15 is very good, better than the F160, but this is just a perfect platform for the rig ;0)

  2. KapPawelSki says:

    Thanks for the comparison.
    I have a FK 180.
    I shortened upper bridle. The kite rises higher. Sorry for my English (google translator).

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