Swaffham Prior Smock Mill

The Smock Mill at Swaffham Prior is listed as a residential ‘dummy’. Presumably it’s a reconstruction of the previous structure without the drive, mill stones etc.  There are 2 mills at Swaffham Prior and I have not yet found a route in to  Foster’s bigger towermill- last time I tried to get close to it I was moved on by the Police. I considered this a practice flight with the DSLR but gave up with it as the required size of kite to lift it was borderline stable so 3 of these are shot with the lighter X1 under a smaller kite. In the end I spent an hour working through 3 kites : Sutton FF30, – not enough lift for the DSLR rig…CiM Lifter– enough lift but tending to top one minute and topple the next in the buffeting Bft 4 and finally the HQ Flowform 2.0 which did the trick with the X1 rig. One line weight (heavy 250 DaN) and 2 cameras flown in BFT4. A bigger kite might mean more lift but it can mean more instability.
Windmill world entry is here

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