KAP at Billingford Mill

Despite a series of conservation efforts from 1956 to 2009 the mill is in a somewhat forlorn state. Norfolk Windmills Trust hope to be painting it this year and Norfolk County Council are looking at making a Listed Building Consent application for new sails and will then be looking to put a funding package together after the last set were dropped in 2009 on being found unsafe.  Billingford Mill is famous as the last commercial wind powered mill in the county.
Windmills and KAP go together like bread and cheese, I saw the white cap from afar and knew it was where I wanted to fly today. A classic Norfolk tower mill, Billingford is a landmark on the A143 East of  Scole, the tower has stood since 1860.
Making the best of a break in the cloud, at ground level the draught was slight but higher up it was pulling hard, I used a ground stake and pulley to recover the kite.
Colours in Motion Lifter, 150DaN Dacron line, Leica X1, Bft 3 rising to 4 (at which point I had to get the kite down quick- the Lifter is a handful in Bft 4!)
The story of the Mill is here
Norfolk Windmmills Trust are here

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