Beaufort Scale for KAP

Bft for KAP 4_01

Following Wicherds comment I decided to make use of the rubbish weather and see if I could make the wind force scale a bit more KAP specific. Here then is my 1st try at a KAP ‘infomatic’…mind you the cloud’s clearing…..


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2 Responses to Beaufort Scale for KAP

  1. Jan Tiemen says:

    Nice, thank you. Please note that you switched the knots and the m/s.

    • Thanks Jan

      I have corrected the error, a year on, of the 4 kites I was using when I put this together I’m only still using one! It now goes like this:

      Bft 2 = Jones Airfoils 8′ rokkaku.
      Bft 3/4 = Didak ‘Explorer’ 2.7.
      Bft 5= Pauls Fishing Kites (PFK) ‘Nighthawk’

      And the payload has gone up to 800g across Bft 2 to 5.

      I might have to have another go at the informatic!

      Thanks for lookiing in,


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