Olympus EP1 Shutter sevo mount

The EP1 is a great camera for KAP (if a little on the heavy side). It is one of the first micro 4/3rds cameras so it’s becoming affordable on ebay, particularly as a lot are being dumped as the Fuji x100 gets buyers attention now. It’s virtues are its speed with burst and autofocus, very reliable auto-exposure metering and a positve shutter response to servo control. In short this is a camera with no ‘lag’. Image stabilisation is ‘on body’ so a variety of lens options are possible. It is supplied with a ‘standard’ AV out port which makes the video link easy. Image resoloution is good for its size and weight (406g or 368g for the EP1L model).

The control of the shutter cannot be achieved by scripting (there is no CHDK for it!) and it will only shoot in single frame mode by IR remote. A hot-shoe mounted servo is a good method to get it working remotely and get the benefit of burst mode.

A robust shutter servo mount can be made from 2 pieces of stock alluminium ‘L’ section.

The 1st part is the hot-shoe plate, just take a peice of 20mm x20mm L section ally and cut down to size:You can check the size against the hot-shoe, a nice tight fit is best. Next is the servo mounting plate. I used a mini servo: Futaba s3513 MG. This servo is going to take a pasting so get a good high torque one. The hole in the mounting plate will be cut to fit your servo and the cut out in front of it is needed to get to the camera’s ‘on’ switch:The 2 pieces fit to gether with a single rivet. The gap is important but you can shim with tape if its too wide. Once you are happy with the fit clamp the peices together in a vice and drill the hole through both pieces together. I used a 3mm snap rivet: Check the fit on the hot-shoe, it should slde in easily, it might rock a little on the rivet (it’s useful if it does as this can act as buffer for excess travel) but it needs to be a positive fit.  The servo is held in place with 2 screws and should be a tight fit, it must not move as the arm is thrown. The servo arm is cut down to hit the shutter button well before its limit of throw.It fits on the camera like this: Now the camera can be tripped by radio control. The servo and mount together weigh in at 25g. A lighter method may be possible but this set-up ensures use of burst mode and a long life for the mount both on and off the camera, it’s ready to fly!

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2 Responses to Olympus EP1 Shutter sevo mount

  1. Tom Benedict says:

    Excellent. I enjoyed seeing Ramon’s hotshoe mounted shutter servo, and Cris’s before his. I like electronic shutter actuation, but I’m a mechanical guy at heart. This is a really clean design.

  2. Hussam says:

    Excellent drawings. And very clean job, as usual.

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