Bliss 1.11.2011: this much I know

There are places which are a pure pleasure to fly. There are times when the wind is perfect and kite flight feels as natural walking. These are the times when I know why I do this, my connection between camera, sky and earth feels right. .Pattern, shape and detail frame themselves in the view finder and I click away…After enjoying the thrill of view from above for a while I realise I’m in the wrong field for the best (nadir)  shots and discover I’m pinned by hedgerow, fence and river, I should really haul down and start again but by now the wind at ground level has gone and the slack line tells me to keep riding the higher flow to stay aloft.The balance between me, the kite and the image just makes me want this to go on forever, but the light fades and batteries tire and it’s time to see if the camera has captured the essence of the connection I have enjoyed for the last 2 hours of the day, evening fires are lit and its time to haul down and head home.

Days like this seem rare as I sit out what seem to be endless overcasts, gales, rain and utterly still days but a single sunny day with a steady Beaufort 2 makes the waiting worth it! Light winds from the south seem to suit my kites well and, as we head into the gloom of winter, it’s a joy to know I can grab the chance to fly the camera when the next day of blissful weather breaks.

Flight details
Duration Start 14.17 BST Finish 16.15 BST
Camera Leica X1 ISO 800 Shutter Auto Aperture Auto
Image count 258 rejects 6
Line Dacron 150DaN 200m approx. paid out
Kite CIM Lifter 4msq
Wind Bft 2 Gust 7mph Lull 5mph
Max altitude 60m AGL

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