KAP (battery) life

Putting the DSLR aside and making the best of the met we return to Felixstowe Ferry to fly. We get started at about 11.00, the Tx battery pack indicates 12.4v. I had promised myself to get some shots of the  beached Edwardian hull that caught my eye on a previous visit.Of course we can’t pass by the oportunity to snap Martello Tower U:No one’s home at the tower so after walking the kite up to Tower Twe stop for a cracking lunch at the Ferry Boat Inn at about 13.30. Lunch is paid for on the basis of betting on the voltage state of the TX battery (usually the first to fail) I lose; it’s showing 11.3v.We  relaunch inside the boat yard……all marine life is here:As the shadows lengthen and the tide falls we land the kite in the mud of the shore by the slipway. ..and I discover the camera stopped shooting about half an hour previously- things were going so well I had quite forgotten the camera (Leica X1) battery only really holds up for about 3 hours in ‘continuous’ mode- I carry a spare and usually change it over when the Tx battery fails. The 11.1v 1400mAh LiPo indicated 10.8v after running both the transmiter for RC and the receiver for video for about 4 and a half hours.

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One Response to KAP (battery) life

  1. Ramon says:

    The LiPo stuff is still on my radar. Will make plans for the video monitoring stuff shortly… Thanks for the convincing input, Bill!

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