DSLR KAP beginings

So the great day came and there was enough of a blow to fly the DSLR….a happy hour or so flying in one of my favorite places and I got 750 images: they were almost all rubbish!

With about 1.5kg to fly I needed 15 to 20 mph wind speed to work with, I had that so I carefully worked around my subject. The idea was to get a view of Cambridgeshire’s new guided busway framed by the 2 fenland landmarks: the mill and the tower at Over.

The sunlight was intermittent so I waited patiently keeping the rig in what I imagined was the right place, working the line in the lull and ranging in as the flight steepened in the gust. This is pretty physical work but I was happy that at all times I was snapping aerial views every 5s. Glad of my harness I was able to work by feel and save my hands from the vicious pull the kite needed to lift the load..I missed every damn bus that passed and I got very few shots of the busway either,  never mind the fancy framing idea!

So there are 2 big problems with this malarkey:

  1. The DSLR weight is an issue: this is where kite flying gets industrial. You need to be ready to handle a big wind and that means heading out with a harness, ratchet block and a ground stake.
  2. Blind, fixed tilt autoKAP might throw up some interesting shots but it’s not really a  reliable method of covering a subject well. Great things have been done with autoKAP but this photographer likes to capture detail and that means pointing the camera at the subject.

Still I got some time in with the new weight in the air and the pan step and shutter sync worked well so its a step along the way to getting more out of the the bigger camera. 

Missed again!

There is no getting away from getting control of the tilt and syncing it to the pan and shutter ..or even going for full RC.

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