badform to flowform 3

Adding the mesh panels to fill the holes I’d cut into the side keels proved to be a right fiddle and reminded me of how long ago I last used a sewing machine.

Not easy to see in this shot but the netting keeps the keel shape whilst preventing the keel creating a low-pressure zone inside it in a cross-draught. Cutting the holes was much easier than filling them.

The kite is much less likely to collapse its cells when tracking sideways with this detail, I can think of a better way of detailing the mesh edge but I’m not going to feed the thing through the sewing machine again! I used tulle from Robert Sayles which is nasty stuff to handle as its so stretchy. Next time ( now I know how big the hole has to be!) I’ll stitch the tulle on and then cut out the hole so there is less distortion of the panel as It’s passed through the sewing machine.

The next mod to match the ‘standard’ flowform details I’d expect is the upper and lower vents but I’m putting that off for a while, I want to see how this kite behaves in light winds a bit more before any further surgey: it is much better than it was with aft  and side keel vents.

In about 8-10mph it’s still a pretty twitchy kite but I think will do good service in Bft 2 with a light line ….and a light rig!

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