from badform to flowform

At last my Didakites flowform 4 has arrived!

It’s not quite my birthday but its great to get something you have been anticipating for a while. A 4m2 flowform might be an excellent replacement for the Cim Lifter which has never been quite the same since its last inversion event. It’s not been in the Didakites catalogue very long and I had to wait a couple of weeks for mine. So off to the common…

If nothing else I expect to fly an autoKAP rig with the D70 ( in the cereal box) as there’s a decent breeze and 4m2 should generate some useful lift. I unhitch the bridle and check the balance, its a bit tail heavy so I adjust the bridle and off she goes:

Something is amiss, I try more bridle fiddling and discover I can tune the AoA nicely : that’s not the problem; the thing just tumbles over at the apex of an arc just over my head! I watch the movement of the kite and then it dawns on me: it’s being knocked clean over by the ‘ram air’ effect, this is a flowform without a vent!

10 mins of frenzied penknife work later and the deed is done; the bias binding edge detail can wait…will it work?

Stability is massively improved; the kite rises and stays up. The vent opens proportionally with the wind speed this is beginning to look good! It still has a big tendency to swing to left and right and the cells collapse far too readily when it flies on its beam ends.

It’s not as good as a Sutton or an HQ yet but it’s definitely improving. Next mods are slackening off the outer shrouds Becot style and adding mesh panels to the side keels cutting upper and lower wing skin vents will be the last action as there is no way back if I mess it up!

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4 Responses to from badform to flowform

  1. Jeff Attaway says:

    Whew. I have trouble with the FF bridle getting tangled. Don’t think I could ever handle ten lines. Impressive write up and good on you for the fix. Cheers…

  2. jokerxl says:

    Was the lack of rear vents a manufacturing error?
    I’d have no idea where to begin tweaking my foil, it leans to kite right in gusts, should I shorten/lengthen something?
    What effect does “meshing” the side skirts have?

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