Geo 11: Traverse: the man who

Geo11 is the UK trade show for the geomatics profession, it’s a time to meet old friends and new and a time to share news of what the software can do for my survey peers.

This year the show is at Elstree which is well connected but for me was just one traffic jam further away than I wanted…..we get there just in time, set up the TCR and Klaus, Julie and I go through PointCloud, PhoToPlan and TheoLt with intrested customers, there are definitely fewer people here than last year, the recession is biting survey hard.  For this crowd low cost is never low enough and keeping safe is the name of the game.

Folk travelled from far and wide: Chris Gray got there from Los Angeles!

This year I’m concentrating on TheoNet Adjust: this is a major turn up for surveying in CAD, a simple way of building a least squares adjusted network, fully documented from live data with shot by shot review…how good can it get?

Netadjust in TheoLt has been a very procedurally constrained method for a good while, to the point where users follow the path in the manual with some trepidation and know there is no way back if you have to deal with ‘undo’ or ‘redo’; it is great to see the shots in real-time and the benefits made it better than the post process method of yore but it was a bit pernickety to use.

Listening to TheoLt users the feedback has been loud and clear and at (up-comming) release 8.19 TheoLt Netadjust has made some huge strides in usability, and consequently in robustness too!

Small changes have made a big impact on living with the software. Let’s take a look at what’s new:

‘Cancel’ on station creation. We have all been there, a station is set up, the shot taken and then the realisation it’s the wrong one, they all look the same through the telescope don’t they? Now the pressure is off, you can bail out  at the last minute, have another go and the allocated number is reset at each cancel. This sounds basic but, when you think this is all working with a live data table, you can see this is a big step forward.

Editable station naming. This means that as well as being able to reset the station prefix in the project you can now append staion names as you go. Again it dosen’t sound like a big deal but it’s very common to be given station data from 3rd parties as you have got the network underway: now you can mark the stations as you shoot them in, duplicate names are protected ( of course) and a look up table is given as a check on whats used in the project too. Just knowing you can add a ‘T’ for temp or ‘R’ for revised is a load off your mind when things go wrong at capture.

Control station list, including delete station and forced  station height. A double check on the stations in the project is well worth having and now we have not only a table but an editable one!  It is now possible to cut an entire station out of the network prior to calculation to test station condition…and drop it back in again too! If you do station heighting after TST observation ( i.e. you want a 2D soloution and add the Zs from a level run across stations) you can lock the height with a new value.

Resizable tables. All the tables resize now so you can find the field you want with the minimum of sliderbar scrabbling now, again a small change but a big improvement in the ‘living with the data’ aspect. The ‘hide and seek’ error column hunting is over!

Common station numbering increment across all fields. As TheoLt grew up so did the number of fields for station number entry. At release 8.19 the are sychronised so that the counter reads consistenly across all fields. Not a major change but just polite!

I am a surveyor who hates traversing, it’s a means to an end I want out of the way so I can get into what I’m intrested in-detail! TheoLt has now made this as painless as possible, I can see the data as I go, spit out reports, try out calculation with dud shots in or out,  muck up station IDs …and plot the the thing in CAD so I walk off with, not only all the data, but a DWG as well. The screen shot above shows how I can drop the network calculation report into the DWG and have the whole thing in one palce ready to build the survey on: how cool is that?

Version 8.19 is now available here:

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  1. Don’t I look happy!

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