Brought by March Winds

One of the 14 American Battle Monuments Commission sites,  the Cambridge Cemetery was established in 1943. It was designed by Perry Shaw Hepburn & Dean of Boston and landscaped by Olmstead bros of Brookline Mass.

3m Rokakku kite flown by Clive Hollins, accidental image captured by the rig on the ground. Modified with a carbon fibre cental spar this kite generates huge power in modest winds.

Detail at the Priors Lodge Thetford Priory, for a few brief moments the camera was face on to the facade 5m above ground. You can see through 4 windows in both time and space at the top right.

At only 30m AGL the 100% resolution from this X1 captured image only just records the material matrix, maybe I need to fly the camera lower, take more shots and  spend a lot more time stitching to get condition records working better from KAP. The D70 experiments continue but I now realise its flying days are restricted by its weight. At the ebb of a mighty SWesterly blast I got it aloft just as the light went, still the resolution is promising:

but I met the usual strong wind = strong turbulence problem, that and the fading light didn’t really make for good photography. Flying the HQ 2.0 in testing conditions does give me a feel for how much lift I need to work the big camera.

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2 Responses to Brought by March Winds

  1. jokerxl says:

    XL-ent Bill!
    I was considering getting airborne yesterday in Ireland, but I feared a bit of a “Mary Poppins” moment might be the result, pretty impressive gale going on there.

  2. Yes I waited till it blew which time the light had gone..them’s the breaks eh?

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