the Suffolk Martello Towers

To round off 2010 I present this series of kite aerial photographs. I have been facinated by these things since childhood holidays stamping along the beach way behind my white haired Felixstowe grandfather, Allan Jobson, (remarkably there is a Pathe newsreel of him as ‘the Antique Collector’ from 1950) who knew all about Napoleon and these curious things that were built to keep him out.

Each image is the result of a bit of planning, a lot of patience with the weather and a strong desire to spend time flying in the beautiful Suffolk Coastal laminar flow beloved by yachtsmen and kite flyers alike. To me these were an obvious subject for KAP, they have hidden upper surfaces, a variety of settings and are coastal. There are still 3 towers (L,M and Q) missing from the KAP record of the survivors. Nadir coverage is something I needed to satisfy my curiosity as to the consistency of the plans of the towers. A variety of kites and cameras were used depending on wind speed (see kite table and camera table) . I have been ably assisted by Clive Hollins on the project throughout. From South to North:

Tower P : disused Coast Guard Lookout.

Tower T: Unused, collects golf balls on the golf course.

Tower U : converted into a home.

Tower W: converted into a home.

Tower Y: Converted into a home.

Tower Z: unoccupied since WW2

Tower AA: converted into a home.

Tower CC: in the care of the Landmark Trust

These shots and more are here:

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4 Responses to the Suffolk Martello Towers

  1. jokerxl says:

    Fantastic series Bill. Are they all accessible from public land? do you have to get permission to get these I mean.

  2. aaslestad says:

    Cool post, your kite photos are great. Did you do photogrammetry with these as well?

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