More on the Lifter: when you get the right kite in the right wind…

So there she goes! The anemometer read between 3 and 5 mph all afternoon and we had a 1kg rig aloft without any grief at all. The sky, the kite and the camera all became as one after getting the radios untangled (the video link requires careful arrangement of antennae to behave) I was able to enjoy the remarkable landscape of the joining of river and sea at Felixstowe Ferry from the viewpoint of an airborne camera…bliss!

On descent the short line oscillations begin but I think you can see the grin on the kite flyer from here: a happy kite makes a happy flyer (or perhaps the other way around, come to think of it).  So I have come full circle with this kite: I was about to hack it about in a state of (technically controlled) rage but thanks to getting timely information from Peters Bults and Lynn I am now the proud owner of a lovely light wind lifter!

It took quite a while to screw up the courage to tinker with what looks like a fairly complicated interdependent set of bridle/shroud lines but having found this to be a light wind kite (I’m still slightly miffed at the  0.5 to 27kmh windspeed claim by Colours in Motion’s no such thing!) I was able to contain my fears of making it into a high speed dive bomber and carefully followed the tuning advice.

The result is truly worthwhile. Moral: not all kites that fly well need tuning, but those that do can turn from monsters to magnificent!

The Colours in Motion Lifter is also now available from the excellent KAPshop

These were my best shots of the day:

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  1. jlue says:

    Nice pictures and an interesting blog.

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