Leica X1: lens tube

The X1 has an adaptor mounting concealed under a knurled ring around the lens assembly.

So far Leica have not issued anything that fits it. For KAP, unless I am forced to fly in poor light, I always use a polarising filter to reduce the all too common glare from ground object reflectance. Glare ( sometimes called flare) from all manner of things is a common problem for an airborne camera, particularly as I rely on auto exposure control. Adjusting the EV value (between -2/3rds and -1 has been recommended) to ‘cool’ the whites helps a bit but I have found the half and half exposures of land and sky problematic. A PL filter really seems to help as it darkens the sky without under-exposing the ground in most cases. Although it tends to slow shutter speeds down, results show it’s worth a few lost exposures. With the right fitting it should be possible to fit a polarising filter or even a wide-angle adaptor whilst the tube itself can function as a lens hood too.  The Nikon UR E8 Lens adaptor for the Coolpix 5700 and 8700 has been found to fit.

I found and ordered a UR-E8 for £1.50 from ScopesnSkies excellent ‘Astroboot’ shipped by Royal Mail in its own sweet time from just down the road in Ely.

When fitted the URE8 ‘front’ thread looks like a 52mm male but isn’t; it’s something weird like 53.5mm! There is nothing that fits it so with help from Campkins Cameras a 49mm filter was found to be a near ‘interferrence’ fit to the insde of the tube and a glassless filter was glued into the tube end. Now I have a 49mm thread on the inside of the tube which accepts a 49mm CPL filter at last!

It’s a shame to have to resort to glue but as luck would have it the sun shone as soon as the glue was dry:

..and the filter works a treat

So thanks to Martin Mann for the steer and thanks to all at Campkins Camera Centre I can look forward to getting more polarised shots!

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4 Responses to Leica X1: lens tube

  1. cy says:

    hi bill,
    can you list out what parts/accessories needed of this tube?
    I am so confused.
    Thanks for your help

  2. cy says:

    hi bill,

    do you know this adapter ring can be fit to the URE8 lens hood?



    • Bill says:

      The URE8 has a thread which will only take a Nikon special mounting, it is no use for ‘standard’ filter fittings at all. We found a 49mm filter would fit snugly in the opening and this was then glued in place to accept the accessories I need. The filter was an ’empty’ one so it was in effect a 49mm to 49mm ring! Once this ring is in place the reversing ring you suggest would work.
      Good luck.


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