Taming the Colours in Motion Lifter: words from himself

In response to the last post Peter Bults has dug out this link: he has out-googled google,  I could find nothing on this after many searches including line by line translations from Drachenforum.net! Seeing as I couldn’t find this easily I post below both the link and the key diagrams http://peterlynnhimself.com/Pilot_Tuning.php

I’m not sure but these might be from Peter Lynn’s instruction sheet for his KAP-Pilot kite, they have that ‘print & pack’ look about them. So it would appear that ‘out of the box’ the CiM Lifter is ‘ready for tuning’ rather than ‘ready to fly’.

So, far from resorting to major surgery to the Lifter in an attempt to convert it to a Floworm, it looks like careful tuning might do the trick. Meanwhile, after another thrilling display of ‘ground looping’ with the Lifter its back to the Flowform:


You certainly couldn’t place a camera like that with the CiM Lifter ‘out of tune’, and one has to ask the question: couldn’t these kites be supplied ‘in tune’, or at any rate with instructions on tuning?

This is the attitude of the kite ‘out of the box’, it is rotating about its tow point as well as heeling to the right. In this  attitute it is unstable and will weave wildly until its path is interrupted by the ground. I have upped the contrast so the flying line and drogue lines are visible.

If the wind permits I’ll post next on how the bridle tuning works ( it looks pretty tricky)  in the hope that the next kapper to fly the CiM Lifter will benefit!

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